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Inevitably, to maintain a long-term performance advantage for oneself or a company as a whole, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors have to take into account when offering guidance and support to younger generations.

In G10, we invite enterprises to join our ESG concentrated programs and provide a comprehensive platform to cultivate our next-generation elite.

cultivate our next gen. elites 

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ESG Package

Off-line & Virtual Internship Program

Offer entry-level internship positions for prospective students around the globe. Cultivate potential youths for future recruitment.

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Senior Management Mentorship Program

Gather sophisticated mentees to experience business management while providing training early on before entering the job to minimize the expectation and reality gap.

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G10 World Training Program

Provide a platform and collaborate in bring forth program execution in a professional business manner. Together we co-create our future leaders.

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ESG co-create Package

Together we provide and create a platform to cultivate next-generation youth, inspire them in all Environmental, Social, and Governance factors to achieve sustainable development individually and potential long-term advantages for the enterprise. 


One-off ESG Program Design

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Annual ESG Program Design

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Program Content Provision

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What's in it for you?

Talent Investment

In addition to helping the upper/middle class cultivate a new generation of elites, we are also concerned about overcoming the vicious circle of intergenerational poverty. We believe that all talents should have equal opportunities to surpass themselves and achieve upward social mobility.


Therefore, we have reserved seats for young talents at the grassroots level to join our program for free. In addition, we will arrange angel funds to support the feasible business plans proposed by these young elites.

G10 Think Tank

Professional & experienced G10 experts.

Student Group Brainstorm
Student Think Tank

Innovative & new ideas cultivation from our students.

future leader training package

Academic Courses

G10 offers courses ranged from middle/high school education to university entrance exam preparation - quality education is guaranteed.

Science & Technology Program

Understand the digitalization and globalization of traditional industries with our state-of-art technology programs - master 21st-century innovation technology.

Mentoring Program

Mentoring program offers world-first champion mentorship for students. Learning by working with some of the luminaries in different disciplines - enrich and surprise yourself with new perspectives.

Virtual Internship & Mentorship Program

This programme combines the idea of Work From Home (WFH) and Overseas internship. With flexible working hours and no travel is required, leverage your new skills, experience, and professional network to land your dream job.

Experiantial Learning Program

Learning to accept challenges in real social situations, through observation, experience, logical and rational thinking, is a practical course to solve problems - prepares children for social challenges in advance, expands their horizons through travels and exchange programme.

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