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G10 Academic Consultancy was founded to ensure that ALL your overseas admissions SUCCEED.

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Service Areas

Assessment of academic aspiration

Admission application

Personal statement & recommendation letter writing service

Mock interview workshop

Top-notch remedial course for international examination

Personal resume enrichment course

Elite leader international exchange programme & internship

Full Scholarship Application Services

Alternative Pathway Initiatives

Solution for education system switch

Education system of UK, the United States, Australia and Canada differs. If you are ever confused about the overseas education....We got you covered!

Mock Entrance Exam

We explain to you the admission requirements of world-class universities and middle schools, and provide “mock entrance exam” to assess the student’s ability and admission opportunities, formulating the most appropriate strategy for your further studies.

Complementary Assessment Report

G10 AC Pro-database (AI) consists of massive datasets of previous applicants, predictions are done according to a deep understanding of how universities select for their courses.


Able to execute precisely what universities are looking for and compare this to your profile, explaining your exact chances of admission.


You will also find the data-driven steps that you can take to become a better match for the selection process, along with the statistics of how much these will improve your chances. 

Admission Application

UK Admission

Our specialized guidance in UK college applications has allowed our students to get into various top UK institutions. We also led them to ace in many fields inside and outside school, academically and personally. 

US Admission

Our specialized guidance in US college applications has allowed our students to get into various top US institutions. We also led them to ace in many fields inside and outside school, academically and personally. 

Personal Statement & Recommendation Letter Writing Service

"Personal Statement" is very important for university applications. We equip a full understanding of the appropriate format, content and presentation method requirements of top schools for "personal statement", and provide you with the most constructive support.

Top-notch remedial course before going abroad

Coming soon

Admission assistance & Mock interview training

Admission interview requires student's ability to reflect good language skills, logical thinking ability, personal confidence and understanding of the future major field in the interview process.

Through communication, detail assessment and “Mock Interview Workshop”, we understand what needs to be strengthened during the interview and provide the most appropriate assistance to classmates.

Personal resume enrichment course

In addition to the international public examination results, students with excellent world vision are often better than others when applying for admission. Through communication with international coaches and follow-up learning, we cultivate students' broad interests and cultivate the characteristics of world-class young elites.

Elite leader international exchange & project internship

In today's world, first-class universities attach great importance to students' vision and global perspective. We collaborate with worldwide charitable organizations and arrange for students to participate in international exchange activities.

Full scholarship application services

Scholarships are not just about funding your studies, it is a formal recognition of your ability that will shine in your resume and become a title that you will be proud of. G10 AC is the ONLY ONE admissions consultancy with a well-established team comprised of exceptional scholars.

Alternative pathway initiatives

Alternative Pathway Initiatives is designed for students who look for an alternative pathway to their desired university programmes in the UK (UCAS), Hong Kong (Non-JUPAS) and other popular countries. For instance, many of our students opted for the GCE A-Level system, an internationally recognized academic qualification at the secondary level.  

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